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Menampilkan postingan dari Mei, 2016

Honai Cafe Cilacap

Hello i hope you allways happy in your live.
Now i want to share you about on of my favourite cafe. This name is Honai cafe. Cafe located on the road this rinjani including one new cafe in Cilacap, but is already quite crowded by visitors. 

The first time the menu offered here is still a little but with a relatively affordable price for a bowl of salad and cold drinks we only spent money 20K. Last but yesterday I was there for an already diverse menu and more expensive than ever before. To drink ranges from 15K - 20K
This cafe provides a place to sing. you can donate your golden voice here :) I actually do love spending time in Honai Cafe.

The place is nice, the ambiance is really homey, really comfortable. Neverboredevenrepeatedlycome here.
Summary : Honai The Flore Honai Cafe  Located Jl Rinjani No.8 beside Indomaret Open daily 10 AM - 11 PM